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About Us

Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying superior quality critical yet economical industrial application machinery. Our innovative machines are developed and optimized for a varied range of diverse applications in numerous industries like aerospace, sheet metal fabrications, shipbuilding, mining, mechanical fabrication, steel fabricators, construction, automotive, general construction, and many more. We are closely linked with world-renowned tooling brands, have access to global application databases, and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

The Orbital Experience

Our Business Philosophy

For manufacturers and suppliers challenged with global competition, tighter supply deadlines and high labour turnover we manufacture superior performance, reliable, and efficient assembly equipment that provides a superior quality process, using a proven platform with integrated training and control tools.

We are recognised for our comprehensive product range, expert advice and outstanding customer experience. our market leading Orbital experience delivers every time.

Manufacturing and Consultancy Services

We also offer a range of manufacturing and consultancy services and regularly deliver bespoke parts and design solutions to our clients’ needs depending on requirements.

Our Mission

Orbital Automation Ltd’s mission is to deliver industry leading service and support to both our clientele and associates and to never stop striving for upgraded machines at a better value.  We are proud we have helped so many of our clients’ businesses grow and develop. That is why we are dedicated to providing innovation at every turn as we are:

  • Committed to providing engineered smart cutting solutions at economical prices.
  • Dedicated to the continued growth through quality, innovation and value.
  • Offer unrivalled levels of service and support to our customers and partners.
  • To become the trusted partner of the sheet metal and fabrication industry.
  • Supplying machines that help our clienteles become more competitive, productive and efficient.

Our Vision

Key vision elements of the Orbital Automation Ltd’s is to:

  • Empower our clienteles to do more with our innovation in products and services.
  • Offering fast and efficient service when needed.
  • Minimizing the operational downtime of your machines.
  • To be recognised for our extraordinary customer experience.

Developing Industry Leading Products through Focused In-House Research and Development

Orbital Automation Ltd products are built to add value to our clients’ manufacturing processes and to improve efficiencies of products for today and tomorrow’s application needs. Our focused in-house research and development team is continuously looking to improve our products to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Orbital Automation Ltd products are engineered to be versatile, so they can be used in every industry and solve a wide variety of applications. 

Orbital Automation Ltd
has become an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial automation and inspection equipment worldwide. Our innovative machineries not only meet current needs but also future customer requirements in the manufacturing and R&D sectors. Our customers have advantage from working closely with our knowledgeable sales and research engineers who can assist them resolve and answer technical product questions quickly. Our one stop shop provides a total supply solution for industrial machineries supplies, service and consumables.


Highly sophisticated machinery has been installed that has the capacity to meet the demands of our clients. A well-developed infrastructure has been our forte that ensures optimum production of our products. The machinery is built with the latest technologies that can produce the most accurate and functional machines. A well-equipped manufacturing unit, a quality testing unit, R&D department, fabrication unit, tool room, heat treatment plants, chemical treatment plant, designing area, packaging area and spacious warehouse, constitute our infrastructure. In addition to this we have a wide distribution of network that ensures product deliveries in the most secured state and within stipulated times.

Customer Service

Put simply, our clientele are the main reason and our top priority is to make a robotic system that fits the client’s requirements exactly, saves you time and money, and brings complete satisfaction. And our customer service doesn’t rest at product creation; we are always here to offer the support you need with your tailored modular solution. Orbital Automation Ltd is keen to adding value to our customers by combining superior technology with unparalleled support.

  • Direct Approach and Specialized product experts
  • Direct local contact with Fast appointment
  • Fast technical support on the phone and on-site
  • Comprehensive product training and after-sales support

Our technically trained sales engineers have extensive product knowledge along with application and industry experience. This experience and specialization allow the most efficient solution to be quickly recommended to customers, saving invaluable time.

Orbital Automation Ltd
supports customers with extensive on-site manufacturing and automation knowledge. Our sales engineers are ready to provide comprehensive support at every level of business, from the design and research stage, to model selection, line operation with on-site instructions, and after product adoption.