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World class manufacturers and suppliers of Riveting Machine
Precision Engineered to Ensure Unfailing Speed Performance with Accuracy & Reliable Repeatability at Economical Prices. Orbital Automation Ltd is a world class facility that holds expertise in manufacturing and supplying an extensive assortment of Industrial Riveting Machines.

Premium Quality Riveting Machine from Orbital Automation Ltd

We offer Riveting Machine and riveting solutions like Orbital Riveting, Radial Riveting, Servo Riveting, Bench model to Pedestal model & Portable model, Manual rivet feed to Auto Rivet Feed, Single point, Multi-Point, Multi-Spindle to CNC riveting, riveting with or without Process Monitoring, Static Roll Forming to Articulated Roll Forming. Our highly skilled professionals manufacture Riveting Machine as per the defined industry standards, using cutting-edge technology and high quality raw materials.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd Incorporates State-of-the-art Technology and Quality Conscious Method in the Production Process. Orbital Automation Ltd has become synonymous with the production of high-value, premium quality, yet affordable Riveting Machine. Our Riveting Machines are functionally designed and manufactured to provide clients with the latest technological solutions to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

Our innovative Riveting Machine is industrialized and optimized for an extensive range of diverse applications in numerous industries like aircraft, brake linings for commercial vehicles, locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture, latches and even mobile phones.

Orbital is a market forerunner for riveting machines in India and having over 12,000+ installations all over the world, with a qualified service back up team. Our proven machine designs have been manufactured by the following corporations worldwide. Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading supplier of Riveting Machine in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in supplying special purpose machines. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele which is supported up by our unmatched customer service and support.

At Orbital Automation Ltd, when support is needed, our engineers are on hand 24/7 to remotely join the machine to resolve issues. When a site visit is required, our global network of support engineers are available for quick dispatch.

Riveting Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Riveting Machine

Orbital riveting is a cold forming procedure by means of a peen tool held at a fixed angle to make a sweeping line of pressure around a rivet.

  • The Riveting unit is provided with a drive motor.
  • Rigid & robust construction of the machine withstands heavy abuse.
  • Offered with vertical adjustment & clamping
  • Accurate stroke control with minimum count of 40 microns.
  • Dual hand push button / Foot switch actuation.
  • Hydraulic power pack for hydraulic systems and regulator, filter & lubrication unit for pneumatic systems.
  • Machine controller contains riveting time control, part counter, LCD screen, password protection and alarms for precautionary maintenance

Radial Riveting Machine

Radial forming produces a rose petal path, as a result a moderate deformation with excellent surface structure is attained with the minimum possible force.

  • Low transverse forces enable simple fixturing without requiring rigid clamping.
  • Least friction and little heat development result in outstanding riveted finish.
  • Suggested for hard rivet material without the hazard of cracks as deformation is a little softer.

Servo Riveting / Roll Forming Machine

Orbital has launched Roll Forming and Servo based Riveting machines for accurate, precise and controlled riveting and Roll forming processes.

  • Available in Two series – SS Series and SI Series
  • Safety brakes are incorporated as standard.
  • Rapid Approach speed, slow riveting speed (settable from HMI) to adjust the cycle time
  • Accurate positioning (+/- 20 micron) and load measurement (+/- 5%) – no extra hardware.
  • Load – Stroke graph display to screen the procedure.
  • Standard stroke is 50mm (optional Non-std. stroke available)
  • Only electrical supply, no Hydraulic or Pneumatic connection necessary.
  • In-built Process Monitoring with Four modes:
  1. Force mode 
  2. Stroke mode
  3. Time mode
  4. Button Height mode

Auto Rivet Feeding Machines

Auto Rivet Feeding Machines select the rivets mechanically and send the rivets to the designated position which is riveted by a slippery track to complete the entire procedure automatically.

  • Offered in both Pedestal Model and Bench Model.
  • Comprehensive solution with Rivet feeding system, Riveting tool & PLC panel.
  • Different models of machineries available based on the rivet dimension and the tonnage requirement for riveting operation.
  • Non-standard Shut Height, Non-standard Throat and Non-standard Stroke available on request.
  • Step Feeder / Bowl Feeder arrangement available on request for longer cycle work to refill the rivets.

Portable Riveting Machine

The Portable hydraulic riveting machine comprises riveting clamp mechanism, hydraulic intensifier, sling, balancer, high pressure hose and it can be positioned in any suitable place as close to the work unit as practical. If preferred, the intensifier can be mounted overhead.

  • Offers low noise, high speed, portability, easy to use and extremely efficient characteristics.
  • Provide comprehensive solutions with fixtures.
  • Whole solution with stiff portable riveting head, high pressure hydraulic power pack, high pressure hose, spring balancer & PLC panel.

Riveting Solutions/ SPM

Riveting solution offers a forging method that may be used to join parts together by way of a metal part known as rivet. Riveting and forming is a silent, non-impact procedure of cold forming – replacing traditional staking, riveting, crimping, pressing, welding and other clamping operations.

  • Riveting can create a very limited clamp load because they have no threads.
  • Riveting Solution is an economical alternative to welding and metal adhesives.
  • Decreases the production cost and increases the revenue of production.
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