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Advantages of CNC Machines

In CNC manufacturing, machines operate via numerical control, where a software program is selected to control forming an object. Irrespective of the setup, the CNC method allows for consistency in components or parts production which would be tough, if not impossible to reproduce manually.

The Advantages of CNC Machines are:

Zero Defects and Greater Accuracy: CNC machines circumvent the possibility of human errors seeping into the manufacturing process, leading to defects as cnc machines function autonomously and short of any manual involvement. The cnc machines deliver superior accuracy without any flaws with codes and software programs governing the end-to-end process. Additionally, the CNC machines can operate for long duration without any compromise on the quality of the parts produced.

Faster and Efficient Production: These machines efficiently operate on their fastest settings to match increased demands and can run 24 hours a day while still maintaining high degree of accuracy and no wastage of any material resources which makes production fast, efficient, and scalable without any further costs.

CNC Machining Produces Little to No Waste: CNC machines operate on software programs that go through iterative type optimization that advances the superlative way to turn a component without waste. Such codes are also subjected to simulations for checking the efficiency of the CNC program. As such, the final CAD-CAM model will yield results and deliver value from the first cycle since all precision milling machines run on repetitive software programs utilizing fixed tools along fixed routes making use of the raw material available efficiently cutting down waste significantly.

Enhanced Personnel Safety: Human involvement is very limited to a supervisory role where they can remotely monitor the implementation of the software programs and help in preventive or reactive maintenance to avoid breakdowns reducing the need to involve making the workplace safer. CNC machines separate machines from humans and lessen the risk that crops up otherwise thereby limiting the possibility of accidents and eliminating the risk of injuries.

Quicker Assembly:  The high-precision turning of parts or components permits for the continuous fitting of parts, which allows the assembly line to function freely without any interruptions.

Reduction in Energy Consumption: Industries such as petrochemicals, oil and natural gas, aerospace, automotive, etc., are even now known to be energy-intensive industries. These CNC machines greatly cut down any energy losses arising out of poor or improper planning, saving more energy.

With the above advantages in mind, it can be concluded that with the utilisation of CNC machines for the precision turning of components can tremendously bring down the cost of production, greatly improving the efficiency and scalability of production and assembly without contributing to material waste. All in all, it is the most efficient way to make your operations cost-effective without compromising on the process or quality.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading manufacturer of CNC Machines. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying CNC machines. Our innovative CNC machines are developed and optimized for a varied range of diverse applications in numerous industries like engineering, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, sheet metal fabrication, agricultural, mining, military, construction, contract manufacturing, high-quality components and many more. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele which is supported up by our unmatched service and support. We offer our clients with single-source turnkey solutions in CNC applications. Our competitive edge lies in understanding the CNC machines combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal-cutting know-how. We are closely linked with world-renowned tooling brands, have access to global application databases, and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

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