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Riveting Solutions / SPM

The Best Performance and Ergonomics for Machinists.
Designed to minimize operator’s exposure to vibrations while sustaining high tool performance. Orbital Automation Ltd is a leading manufacturing facility that holds expertise in designing and developing Solutions for Industrial Riveting.

Complete Riveting Solutions from Orbital Automation Ltd

We offer riveting solutions and machines such as Dual Head Riveting Machine, Triple Head Riveting Machine, CNC Riveting Machine, Screw Tightening Machine, Clinching Machine, Cam Indexing Table. We offer remarkable solutions and real added value with pioneering system technologies and decades of experience in the area of riveting technology.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd Incorporates State-of-the-art Technology and Quality Conscious Method in the Production Process. Our decades of experience and passion for constantly endeavouring to exceed the expectations of our clients have led us to become a prominent Company for Riveting Solutions. As a company, we’re devoted to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve. Our competitive edge lies in understanding the Riveting process combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal welding know-how.

Our innovative Riveting Machine is industrialized and optimized for an extensive range of diverse applications in numerous industries like aircraft, brake linings for commercial vehicles, locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture, latches and even mobile phones.

Orbital is a market forerunner for riveting solutions in India and having over 12,000+ installations all over the world, with a qualified service back up team. At Orbital Automation Ltd, when support is needed, our engineers are on hand 24/7 to remotely join the machine to resolve issues. When a site visit is required, our global network of support engineers are available for quick dispatch.

Riveting Solutions / SPM offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Dual Head Riveting Machine

Dual Head Riveting machinery executes riveting operation on both ends of the rivet pin at the same time. Thus it gives nearly 2 times productivity as compared to standard machines. The characteristic jobs for these riveting machines are conveyor pin rivet, watch strap rivet, door hinge pin riveting etc.

  • Offers consistent and smooth results.
  • Provided with safe, compact and rugged construction.
  • Causes limited pressure and deformation on parts to be assembled. 
  • Economical through less power consumption and reduced efforts

Triple Head Riveting Machine

Triple Head Riveting Machine is the triple spindle riveting machinery, which is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic power, designed as the bench type or vertical type. This machine executes riveting on more than one rivets at the same time.

  • Electric control elements are equipped with digital display time relay and counter for easy operation.
  • Ensures the stability of processing and smooth surface of the workpiece.
  • Rivet will be processed within 0.5-3 seconds that increases production and saves labour costs.

CNC Riveting Machine

CNC riveting is a CNC procedure used for gaining permanent mechanical clasp of geometrical shapes, ranging from simple to complex. These machines mainly consist of a solid frame made of welded steel and a protective casing with frames of aluminium segments with polycarbonate panes.

  • High positioning precision with high acceleration frequency.
  • Can process several workpieces and different rivets can be used in one process. 
  • Picking and assigning processes are done in parallel with the primary operation time, saving money. 
  • Menu based navigation creates the programming fluid.

Screw Tightening Machine

A screw tightening machine is a type of automation equipment that is functionally designed to efficiently tighten screws to a specific torque or tension. The machine operates by using a motor to drive a tool like a screwdriver or torque wrench that engages with the screw head to turn it. The motor is controlled by a microchip, which observes the torque or tension being applied to the screw and adjusts the motor speed accordingly to achieve the desired tightening specifications.

  • Provided with a programmable torque control system that enables operators to set the desired tightening specifications.
  • Offers adjustable speed control, allowing machinists to set the speed at which the screw is tightened.
  • Equipped with sensors that monitor the torque or tension being implemented to the screw.
  • Functionally designed to be user-friendly, with simple controls and easy to use interfaces.

Clinching Machine

Clinching machine is a type of manufacturing equipment used to join 2 or more sheets of metal or other materials by deforming one material over the other in an orderly manner. The process is known as clinching, and it forms a permanent and secure joint without the need for fasteners like screws or nails.

  • Different metals can be joined effortlessly.
  • Eliminates Spot Welding Operations.
  • Deliver joints in a single press stroke.
  • Mechanical strength of the material near the joint is generally improved.

Cam Indexing Table

Cam Indexers are best described as a machine tool positioning device. They convey components in a manufacturing environment with a repeating procedure of indexing (rotating) around an axis, stopping, dwelling while a process is executed, then indexing again to repeat the operation.

  • Can be utilized in any direction of rotation.
  • Delivers smooth, fast and jerk free indexing motion.
  • Extremely high indexing accuracy.
  • No repercussions.
  • Indexing speeds can be as high as 800 indexes / min.
  • Maintenance free and mainly designed for precise and long operational life.
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