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CNC laser cutting machine is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting system used widely in the sheet metal manufacturing process carried out by laser cutters capable of making different intricate shapes not possible by conventional methods. CNC Laser Cutting Machine is extensively used for cutting stainless steel, galvanized sheet, carbon steel, electrolytic sheet, aluminium, brass, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other metals. CNC Laser Cutting Machines find applications in numerous industries like engineering, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, sheet metal fabrication, etc.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd offer CNC Laser Cutting Machine to a numerous industry with applications ranging from workshops to complete production lines connected to equipment for steel production, PPS-systems, car production, shipyards, and transportation industries. Orbital Automation Ltd’s CNC Laser Cutting Machine is able to satisfy the needs of high precision sheet metal companies working typically between 0.5mm to 4mm in thickness. Orbital Automation Ltd’s CNC Laser Cutting Machine is known for precision, reliability, performance and productivity allowing businesses to be efficient, faster and profitable in their domain.

We supply cutting machines manufactured by ABRO Balancing (UK) Ltd – World leader in the field of CNC Cutting Machines Technology since 1972. Our proven machine designs have been manufactured by the following corporations worldwide.  Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading supplier of CNC Laser Cutting Machine in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in supplying special purpose machines. At Orbital Automation Ltd, we aim to provide clients with the most up-to-date technological solutions to meet the customer’s individual needs. When support is needed, our engineers are on hand 24/7 to remotely join the machine to resolve issues. When a site visit is required, our global network of support engineers are available for quick dispatch. Our innovative CNC Laser Cutting Machines are developed and optimized for a varied range of diverse applications in numerous industries like engineering, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, sheet metal fabrication and many more. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele which is supported up by our unmatched customer service and support.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

  • High productivity for processing medium and thin plates.
  • Fibre laser has external optics resulting in lower cost and higher reliability.
  • Automatic focusing function.
  • Uses a world famous fibre laser system which needs no gas.
  • Low energy consumption with photoelectric conversion efficiency of 25%.
  • Short wavelength fibre laser machines.
  • Can cut high reflective nonferrous material like aluminium, copper, etc. by metallic absorption.
  • Fibre laser cutting head with internally installed, high precision height sensor adapts to uneven plates.
  • Protective glass protects the optical system to ensure long life.

CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine with Tube Cutting

  • Cost effective fiber laser tube cutter; efficient and high-quality.
  • Round Tube: φ10-φ220mm
  • Square Tube :10*10-150*150mm
  • Laser power1.5kW/2kW/3kW/4kW/6kW
  • Machine with Tube Cutting with tube and pipe attachment.
  • Operating system is simple and easy to use.
  • Features a high strength bed, post weld heat treatment.
  • Rigid structure that will not deform in use.
  • Automatic centering chuck allows for high precision cutting.
  • Short tailstock makes for efficient cutting.

CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine with Covers

  • High-end CNC Fiber laser cutting machine with a full protective cover design.
  • Machine power ranges from 1000W to 20000W.
  • Top quality beam, high photoelectric efficiency, reliability, low maintenance, etc.
  • Machine is fully covered, environmentally friendly, and has low noise.
  • Low power consumption as compared to carbon dioxide laser cutting machines.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines Working Video

Why Choose Us - Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of CNC Laser Cutting Machine designing and manufacturing technology. Our years of experience and passion for constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients have led us to become a key manufacturer and supplier of CNC Laser Cutting Machine. As a company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve. 

We have a reputation for quality and reliability as our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest solutions from technological advancement.

  • Customized Machine for Your Needs
  • Built With World-Class Components
  • In-house Service Engineers
  • Perfect Machine & Software Integration
  • Exceptional Customer & Technical Service

We offer our clients with single-source turnkey solutions in CNC Laser Cutting applications. Our competitive edge lies in understanding the CNC Laser Cutting process combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal-cutting know-how. We are closely linked with world-renowned tooling brands, have access to global application databases, and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

A CNC laser cutting machine is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting system used widely in the sheet metal manufacturing process carried out by laser cutters. CNC laser cutters are capable of making different and numerous intricate shapes not possible by conventional methods.

A CNC laser cutter machine is a computer numerical control (CNC) system which uses a high-powered focused laser beam to cut material to form custom shapes. The CNC laser cutter machine is very quick and highly accurate, especially when cutting intricate shapes and small holes. Laser cutting machines are used in an extensive range of industries for precision cutting and designing projects. A laser cutter’s beam usually has a diameter between 0.1 and 0.3 mm and a power of between 1 to 3 kW. This power needs to be adjusted depending on the material being cut and the thickness.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine utilises a high-power laser which is focused through optics and computer numerical control (CNC) to direct the beam or material. Generally, the process utilises a motion control system to follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern which is to be cut onto the sheet or material. The laser beam melts, vaporises or is blown away by a jet of gas to leave a high-quality surface finished edge. The laser beam is formed by the stimulation of lasing materials through electrical discharges or lamps inside a closed container. Then, lasing material is amplified by reflecting internally via a partial mirror until its energy is sufficient for it to escape as a stream of coherent monochromatic light. This light is then concentrated by focussing at the work area by mirrors or fibre optics which direct the beam through a lens which intensifies it. The laser beam is usually under 0.0125 inches (0.32 mm) in diameter at its narrowest point, but kerf widths as small as 0.004 inches (0.10mm) are conceivable depending on material thickness.  

The advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machines are:

  • Can create intricate designs as well as holes thinner than the gauge e.g. 2.5mm hole through 4.0mm steel.
  • A cleaner cut through most materials, without nibbling marks.
  • Fast: Can attain greater output and improved productivity, giving you an improved return on your investment and eventually leading to more profitability.
  • Ease of use: Easy to operate as once the design software file has been imported and the laser settings adjusted.
  • Value: Represent excellent value for money.
  • Faster on thinner gauges (approx. up to 1.2mm) than punch presses, provided few lead-ins.
  • Doesn’t depend on having a varied range of tooling, which may not allow for certain sized cut-outs.
  • Versatile: Laser cutting machines can be customised for your specific industrial applications adjusted easily for a wide range of materials. 
  • Precise: Can cut an extensive range of materials in intricate or complex detail to a high degree of accuracy, guaranteeing top results every time.
  • Safe and Clean: Materials do not need to be clamped down and machines never expose the operator to moving parts. Laser cutting machines have a clean and efficient process, especially when used in conjunction with a CTR filtration/ventilation system.

Applications of CNC Laser Cutting Machine:

  • Rapid prototyping, before producing in large scale.
  • Hardware companies to create prototypes.
  • Machine shops and industrial manufacturing cut large pieces of materials.
  • Individual artists and makers who want to bring to life their digital designs.
  • Cutting extensive range of materials.
  • Research and Educational prototyping for small projects.
  • Designed for clean-cutting a wide range of organic materials including wood, plywood, cloth, card, leather, laminates, plastics, TPE and many others.






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CNC Laser Cutting Machine with Orbital Automation Ltd

Here at Orbital Automation Ltd, we are passionate about our company and the service we provide to our clients.
Therefore, we have invested heavily in the latest advances in CNC Laser Cutting Machine technology and have an experienced team of highly qualified engineers.
We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best machineries and will always offer the best in customer service.

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