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Capsule Making Machines also known as capsule fillers or encapsulating machines are automated capsule filling machines. Capsule Making Machine is extensively utilised for production of pharmaceutical, health and nutrition products precisely used to fill empty capsules with pellets, powder, tablets, granules or liquids.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd manufacture and supply automated production capsule making machines offering filling systems ranging from 8,000 to 150,000 capsule / hour with single or multiple dosing of powder, pellets granules, and tablets in capsules. Orbital Automation Ltd’s Capsule Making Machine is known for reliability, performance and high productivity allowing businesses to be efficient, faster and profitable in their domain.

Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Capsule Making Machine in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying special purpose machines. Orbital Automation Ltd’s Capsule Making Machine delivers incredible levels of output, optimum for R&D, pilot scale to high production volumes. Whether you need to fill powders, (mini-) tablets, pellets, granules, liquids, or different combinations into hard shell capsules (HPMC or gelatin), Orbital Automation Ltd offer you the suitable capsule making machine for the production of both pharmaceutical and health and nutrition products. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele supported up by our unmatched service and support.

Capsule Making Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Capsule Making Machine

  • Set of Change Parts i.e.. Blades, Collets, Ejector Rods, Joiner Blocks, Stripping Jaws as per Required Size of Capsules
  • Separate Automatic Lubrication System for Cap Side and Body Side for Upper and Lower Pin Bars to apply Edible and even Lubrication on the Pins.
  •  Automatic Centralized Machine Lubrication System.
  •  Various Electronic and Automated Electrical Torque-Based Safety Devices, All Electrical Motors, and All User Friendly On/Off/Reset Buttons on the Machine.
  •  Set of Stainless-steel Dipping Tank, for Cap and Body each.
  •  Machine Pin Bars Conveyor with Aluminium Profiles and Stainless-Steel Rollers
  • Bottom Suction for Cyclones, Stainless-Steel set of Trimming Collectors for Cap and Body.
  •  Programmable Servo Motors (47 axis to 52 axis) in all the Mechanisms and Sections
  • On line Viscometers for Cap Side and Body Side.
  • Drying Hoods (Drying Kilns) Manufactured Out of Stainless Steel, with in Built Heater System and Controls/Sensors to Achieve Respective Set Hood Temperatures for Even, Perfect, and Uniform Drying of Capsules.

Capsule Making Machine Working Video

Why Choose Us - Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of Capsule Making Machine designing and manufacturing technology. We have a reputation for quality and reliability as our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest solutions from technological advancement.

  • Customized Machine for Your Needs
  • Built With World-Class Components
  • In-house Service Engineers
  • Perfect Machine & Software Integration
  • Exceptional Customer & Technical Service

Our competitive edge lies in understanding the capsule making process combined with cutting-edge design. Our years of experience and passion to constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our clients have led us to become a key manufacturer and supplier of capsule making machines. As a company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve.

A Capsule Making Machine also known as capsule fillers or encapsulating machines is an automated capsule filling machine having an electromechanical system that fills either hard or soft gelatin capsules with proper materials or substances. Capsule Making Machine is technically utilised extensively for pharmaceutical/medical applications and is precisely used to fill empty capsules with pellets, powder, tablets, granules or liquids.

Process of Capsule Making Machine

The capsules need to be accurately processed and filled with the help of a capsule Filling machine. The capsules are rectified, caps and bodies are parted, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are then filled, wasted capsules are rejected, capsules are sealed in place, ejaculated and then cleaned and all this done with the help of a capsule filler. An automated capsule filling machine will do the entire filling process itself. 

The complete working of an automated capsule filling machine is detailed below:

Loading of Raw Materials: First, loading the empty capsules and the filling material into corresponding product hoppers is done. Main operation parameters need to be fed at the PLC control system to guide the operations of the machine.

Capsule Rectification: The capsules formed in a factory have their caps and bodies joined which need to be rectified before the filling process begins. For rectification, the capsules are fed into the capsule delivery plate with multiple circular channels inside to hold the capsules. Then, the capsules are permitted to fall on a horizontal fork which acts on the center of the capsule and then the vertical fork corrects the direction of them. 

Separating Capsule Caps and Bodies: After rectification, the capsule tray is transported to the capsule filling station and the caps and bodies of the capsule are detached by means of a vacuum divider. Once the capsule separation is completed, the cap and the body are moved to their corresponding stations.

Medication Filling: The capsule body is shifted to the filling station for active ingredients filling which is done by numerous different methods.

Tamping Filling: The capsule powder is compacted with the help of a tamping punch and then moved from one tamping punch to next to achieve a smooth finish.

Intermittent Dosator Filling: In this technique, the empty dosage tubes are put in a dosage hopper and the dosage punch inside the tube crushes the ingredients into a very fine powder.

Dosage Cylinder Filling: In this technique, two dosage pistons under the hopper regulate the filling of ingredients.

Vacuum Filling: This technique straight away pulls ingredients inside the dosage tube with the help of vacuum pull. Then compressed air is used to blow the powdered content into the capsule body.

Waste Capsule Rejection: Occasionally some of the capsule bodies do not get detached from the capsule caps called as wasted products. There are pins situated inside which pull such capsules out of the mold and blow them into an aggregation bag. The capsule caps and bodies are then both transported to the next station for locking.

Locking Capsule: The two trays containing the capsule bodies and caps rotate in sync in the locking station and the baffle plate situated overhead the capsule tray and the pin is situated below the tray moves as well to lock the two parts of the capsule in place.

Capsule Ejection: Once the capsule is locked in its place an ejection device expels the locked capsules out of the capsule tray and sends them to the outlet.

Cleaning: Once all the capsules are expelled, the tray moves back to the first station, i.e the capsule rectification table. The tray is then properly cleaned for any powdered leftovers or waste capsule bits.

Advantages of Capsule Making Machine:

  • Compact cGMP model for automated production of capsules.
  • Design is cGMP – current good manufacturing practices compliance.
  • Flexible for all capsule shapes and sizes.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non-contact parts AISI 304.
  • Innovative even layered pellets and powder in one single capsule.
  • Automatic declutching of loaders when the loading ring is full.
  • Minimizes operator attention and ensures maximum production.
  • One-stop machine encapsulation and additional packaging.
  • Auto drug hoppers in feed mechanisms decrease weight variation and improve productivity.

An automatic capsule filling machine finds applications in pharmaceutical companies to help with the production of hard gelatin capsules which are utilised in formulation with pellets, granules, and powders either discretely or in providing different combinations.

Capsule Making Machine with Orbital Automation Ltd

Here at Orbital Automation Ltd, we are passionate about our company and the service we provide to our clients.
Therefore, we have invested heavily in the latest advances in Capsule Making Machine technology and have an experienced team of highly qualified engineers.
We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best machineries and will always offer the best in customer service.

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