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Delivering Superior Dynamic Balancing Solutions to Automotive, Aerospace, Petrochemical Industries, Power Generation, and more Worldwide.

Orbital Automation Ltd – Dynamic Balancing Technology Specialists for Modern Manufacturing.

At Orbital Automation Ltd, we offer Intelligent Balancing Machines providing dynamic balancing for safe and reliable operation tailored to meet your requirements. Our Balancing Machines have industry leading measurement accuracy and repeatability, exceeding industry process capability assessment requirements as standard.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

We supply balancing machines manufactured by ABRO Balancing (UK) Ltd – World leader in the field of Dynamic Balancing Technology since 1972. Our proven machine designs have been manufactured by the following corporations worldwide.  Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading supplier of Balancing Machines in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in supplying special purpose machines. At Orbital Automation Ltd, we aim to provide clients with the most up-to-date technological solutions to meet the customer’s individual needs. When support is needed, our engineers are on hand 24/7 to remotely join the machine to resolve issues. When a site visit is required, our global network of support engineers are available for quick dispatch.

Balancing Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

High Speed Balancers

High-Speed Balancer minimises the vibration conveyed from the rotor to its bearings, the stator and other immediate equipment, thus increasing the reliability, lifetime, and efficiency of the rotating machinery.

  • Smooth operation throughout the entire speed range up to over speed.
  • Verification of mechanical stability of rotor and its assembled components.
  • Identification of electrical features in generator rotor up to the entire speed range.

Ultra Low Balancers

Low Speed Balancing corrects the imbalance created when a machine’ center of rotation varies from the center of gravity often because of the production process. Over time, the imbalance weakens other mechanical elements like bearings or other static parts, worsening the problem.

  • Ensures correct axial placement of static and couple balance corrections to reduce the response at both critical and running speeds
  • Offers the opportunity to relieve assembly stress, or “relax” the rotor by operating under full centrifugal stress prior to balancing

High Production Balancing Machines

The High Production Balancing Machine uses a precision spindle with a very precise pneumatically operated expanding collet system. It is a high precision dynamic balancing machine used for numerous applications and gives sustained performance with minimum maintenance requirements. 

  • Greater machine efficiency.
  • Improved quality.
  • Increased system reliability.
  • Reduced part inventories.

Universal Vertical Balancing Machine

Universal Vertical Balancing Machines are imposed on the balancing of rotors whose diameter is larger than their axial length or for rotors that do not have their own axle where the ease of work on the vertical axis and ease of coupling permit high productivity.

  • Correction units like drilling/milling units can be mounted on the machine for removal of unbalanced masses.
  • Clamping is easy, efficient and fast to assist high throughput which is further assisted by dynamic braking control options to save time and labour.

Universal Horizontal Balancing Machine

Universal Horizontal Balancing Machine is equipped with various beds and rotor drive systems. It is composed so that it is possible to optimize the choice based on the specific balancing requirements.

  • Belt, End, Roller, or combination drive systems.
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.
  • High balancing accuracy with fast balancing cycle time, ensuring by hard-bearing principle
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