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Rotary Friction Welding Technology Cost-effective and Safe Joining of Diverse Materials and Material Combinations

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Friction Welders cost-effectively joins a broad range of materials and can even weld safety-relevant and challenging material combinations with superior quality. Friction Welders set standards in terms of dynamics, precision, process control, and productivity. Friction Welding Machines find applications in numerous industries like hydropower, cement, oil & gas / petrochemical, power, pulp & paper, recycling & waste, railways, steel making, agriculture & food, sugar, mining, quarries & earthmoving and many more.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd offer Friction Welding Machine designed for precision control using a closed loop model with an ergonomically designed layout. Friction welders’ capacity ranges from 15kN to 2000kN across industries. Machines are available in horizontal, vertical, or inclined configurations with or without tie rods. Orbital Automation Ltd’s Friction Welding Machine is energy efficient with industry leading accuracy of weld length, alignment and a fully automated operation. Friction Welders can effectively join a wide range of different material combinations with minimum burn-off while being economical and having consistent output quality and at the same time. 

Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Friction Welding Machines in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying special purpose machines. Our innovative Friction Welding Machines are developed and optimized for a wide-ranging applications in numerous industries like hydropower, cement, oil & gas / petrochemical, power, pulp & paper, recycling & waste, railways, steel making, agriculture & food, sugar, mining, quarries & earthmoving and many more.  

Friction Welding Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Friction Welding Machine

  • High Accuracy: The clamping system assures you a centering within 30μ.
  • Technology: Welding force is created by servo hydraulic cylinders in a closed loop control system. Pressure transducer/load cell and linear scale feedback is utilised for load and displacement control. Spindle driven by AC servo motor.
  • Accurate Orientation: Our spindle assembly assures you an assured orientation of less than +/-0.5 degree for the weld.
  • In-Process Quality: in-process quality check guarantees the output job defect free.
  • Maintenance Free Operation: spindle rotation provides almost maintenance free operation throughout the machine lifetime.
  • Energy Efficiency: Regenerative braking saves energy, thus making it more energy efficient.
  • Real Time Feedback: provides real time vital parameters like spindle speed, axial thrust, loss of length and spindle torque during weld cycle.
  • Industry 4.0 Ready: continuously evolving innovations in machine design and functioning to support Industry 4.0 and connected manufacturing. Product operational metrics can be supervised and analysed remotely on a nonstop basis.

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Why Choose Us - Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of Friction Welding Machine designing and manufacturing technology. Our years of experience and passion for constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients have led us to become a key manufacturer and supplier of Friction Welding Machine. As a company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve. 

We have a reputation for quality and reliability as our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest solutions from technological advancement.

  • Customized Machine for Your Needs
  • Built With World-Class Components
  • In-house Service Engineers
  • Perfect Machine & Software Integration
  • Exceptional Customer & Technical Service

Our competitive edge lies in understanding the Friction Welding process combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal welding know-how. We are closely linked with world-renowned welding brands and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

Friction welding is a solid stage welding, in which two similar or dissimilar materials are made to rub each other to create adequate heat at the edge and when the contamination at the edge are eliminated as flash, ending the relative motion of jobs and applying a forge welding force creating a strong metallic bond between the materials. Friction welding gives outstanding quality weld joints for similar and dissimilar material welding. The driving physical process of friction welding is heat conduction, heat generation, plastic deformation, abrasion of the friction surfaces and lastly material diffusion.

There are three stages of the Friction Welding process are Preparation, Heating and Forging.

Preparation: Before friction welding should take place the surfaces to be welded need to be absolutely clean and uncontaminated. Then the both uncontaminated surfaces should bring in close contact with each other so that a metallic bond can be created across the interface. For starting of the process, one section is placed in a clamp which is stationary and the other section is loaded into a rotating spindle. The rotating spindle then travels forward so that the two sections or surfaces to be welded touch each other. The spindle is then carried up to a predetermined angular velocity and afterward a pre-defined axial force is applied.

Heating: The heat produced due to rubbing increases the temperature of the sections and brings down its yield strength. Once the surfaces of the sections in contact melts to plastic state, it yields and flows outwards to make the flash. This procedure eliminates the oxidised layer on both the materials. They are no longer in contact with the atmosphere and hence no new oxide layer can form. The emerging surfaces come into contact with each other. The facing surfaces of the section will normally have tiny gaps and this step aids in even out the surfaces into a perfect flat area. Once the required burn-off is attained, the process then moves to the next stage.

Forging: In this forging step, the rotational motion is stopped and a forge force is applied for a fixed time which results in the fusion of the two surfaces into a permanent bond. The interatomic forces of attraction come into play with the atomic movements of atoms and valences taking place to complete the weld.

Materials that are weldable by Friction Welding are:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Hafnium and zirconium
  • Steel and ferrous alloys
  • Inconel and superalloys
  • Dissimilar materials

The advantages of Friction Welding Machine are:

  • Utmost availability: Low maintenance because of high-quality parts and robust machine technology.
  • Maximum welding quality: High quality because of validation of each workpiece.
  • High Accuracy: The clamping system guarantees a centering within 30μ.
  • Energy Efficiency: Regenerative braking saves energy, thus making it more energy efficient.
  • Wide variety of material combinations: Complete weldability even of challenging combinations such as aluminium and copper.
  • Accurate Orientation: Our Spindle assembly guarantees an assured orientation of less than +/-0.5 degree for the weld.
  • Real Time Feedback: Provide real time metrics of vital parameters like spindle speed, axial thrust, loss of length and spindle torque during weld cycle.
  • Maintenance Free Operation: Innovative spindle rotation lets a nearly maintenance free operation throughout the lifetime of the machine.
  • In-Process Quality: Completely in-process quality check confirms the output job is free from defects.

Friction Welding Applications:
Friction Welding is used in applications where resistance to high levels of friction is essential like:

  • Roller presses
  • Cutting systems
  • Vertical roller mills
  • Hot working tools and dies
  • Shredder components
  • Turbine and rotary components

Friction Welding find applications in manufacturing of bar stock sections, axle shafts, iron to steel components, driveshafts, discs to shafts, gears to shafts, motor shafts, hydraulic cylinder rod end, pipe to pipe segments, propeller shafts, round bar to pipe sections, prop shafts, round bar to round bar, round tube to plate, round bar to tube, shaft to shaft segments, solid round to solid round, solid round to pipe, solid round to tube, tube to tube sections, steering shaft, stub shafts, valve welding, turbines to shafts, and yokes to shafts. Friction welding can also be utilised to make improved tubes, industrial rollers, shafts, material handling equipment, subassemblies for industrial printers, aerospace, automotive, marine, and oil applications.



Oil & Gas / Petrochemical


Pulp & Paper

Recycling & Waste


Steel Making

Agriculture & Food



Quarries & Earthmoving

Friction Welding Machine with Orbital Automation Ltd

Here at Orbital Automation Ltd, we are passionate about our company and the service we provide to our clients.
Therefore, we have invested heavily in the latest advances in Friction Welding Machine technology and have an experienced team of highly qualified engineers.
We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best machineries and will always offer the best in customer service.

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