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Radial Riveting Machine

Designed to produce high-quality, consistent rivets with a nominal amount of force.

Provides a Reliable and Efficient Way to Join Metal Parts Together

With its advanced design and pioneering technology, a Radial Riveting Machine is a type of fastening equipment that uses a radial force to join metal parts together. This type of machine is designed to produce high-quality, consistent rivets with a minimal amount of force. With its ability to produce consistent, high-quality rivets with a minimal amount of force, Radial Riveting Machine is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from automotive and aerospace to consumer goods and electronics. And with its heavy-duty construction, you can count on it to provide consistent performance for years to come.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd.’s Radial Riveting Machine is known for reliability, durability and high-performance over other standard riveting machines. Their modular design provides many opportunities that result in a great efficiency and versatility, as well as a significant money saving. Additionally, our riveting tools, quality assurance systems and other voluntary accessories make it possible for the total adaptation of the riveting machines to the industries´ production needs. Radial Riveting Machine’s robust design and durability ensure that it will last for years, even in challenging production environments.

Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Radial Riveting Machine in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying special purpose machines. Our innovative Radial Riveting Machines are optimized and industrialized for a varied range of diverse applications in many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical equipment, Construction, Consumer goods and many more. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele including CAD/CAM software, installation, and training – all supported up by our unmatched service and support.

Radial Riveting Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Radial Riveting Machine

  • A drive motor is included in the riveting unit
  • The machine is built with a robust and sturdy design to handle heavy use
  • Vertical adjustment and clamping capabilities are offered
  • Stroke control is accurate with a minimum resolution of 40 microns
  • Dual hand push-button or foot switch activation options are available
  • The machine is equipped with both a hydraulic power pack and a regulator, filter, and lubrication unit for pneumatic systems
  • The machine controller features riveting time control, part counting, an LCD screen, password protection, and maintenance alarms.

Radial Riveting Machine Working Video

Why Choose Us - Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of Radial Riveting Machine designing and manufacturing technology. As a company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve. 

We have a reputation for quality and reliability as our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest solutions from technological advancement.

  • Customized Machine for Your Needs
  • Built with World-Class Components
  • In-house Service Engineers
  • Perfect Machine & Software Integration
  • Exceptional Customer & Technical Service

We offer our clients with single-source turnkey solutions in Radial Riveting applications. Our competitive edge lies in understanding the riveting process combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal-cutting know-how. We are closely linked with world-renowned tooling brands, have access to global application databases, and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

Radial Riveting also known as radial forming generates a rose petal path, as a result a mild deformation with outstanding surface structure is accomplished with the least possible force. In simple words, Radial riveting is a manufacturing process used to join two or more parts together by inserting a rivet through a hole in the parts and then expanding the end of the rivet to secure the parts together.

The features of Radial Riveting Machine:

    • Automatic feed and alignment: Radial Riveting Machine can automatically align and feed the parts to be riveted, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing efficiency.
    • Process monitoring: The machine can monitor the riveting process to ensure that it is running smoothly and to detect any issues that may arise.
    • Quality control: Radial Riveting Machine can perform quality control checks during the riveting process to ensure that the final product meets the required standards.
    • Data tracking: The machine can track data such as riveting time, number of parts processed, and any issues that may arise during the process.
  • Error detection and correction: Radial Riveting Machine can detect errors during the riveting process and take corrective action to ensure that the process continues smoothly.


  • Low transverse forces: Enables simple fixturing without requiring rigid clamping.
  • Outstanding Riveted Finish: Least friction and little heat development result in outstanding riveted finish.
  • No hazard of cracks: Suggested for hard rivet material without the hazard of cracks as deformation is a little softer.
  • Speed: Radial riveting machines can perform the riveting process quickly, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.
  • Precision: The precise control of the stroke and clamping capabilities of radial riveting machines allow for high-quality, accurate results.
  • Durability: The robust construction of radial riveting machines makes them well suited for heavy-duty applications and helps to ensure a long lifespan.
  • Versatility: Radial riveting machines can be used for a wide range of materials and applications, making them a versatile option for many industries.
  • Consistency: The automated process of radial riveting machines ensures consistent results and reduces the risk of human error.
  • Increased safety: The use of radial riveting machines reduces the need for manual labour, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Cost-effective: The combination of speed, accuracy, and durability makes radial riveting machines a cost-effective option for many industries.

Easy maintenance: The ability to monitor the riveting process and detect any issues quickly makes maintenance of radial riveting machines easier, reducing downtime.

  • Wings
  • Fuselages
  • Engine Components
  • Orthopaedic Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Armour
  • Weapons Components
  • Skateboards
  • Snowboards
  • Bike Components




Medical equipment


Consumer goods

Radial Riveting Machine with Orbital Automation Ltd

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