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Orbital Riveting Machine

Built to withstand demanding production environments
with robust and durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance.

Efficient Performance, Sturdy Construction and Low Maintenance Cost

With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, an Orbital Riveting Machine is capable of an orbital forming method that is a cold forming process used in different industries. With its advanced technology and versatile design, Orbital Riveting Machines are frequently used in a variety of industries, including automotive and vehicle manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, toy and game manufacturing, electronic manufacturing. And with its strong construction, you can count on it to provide consistent performance for years to come.

About Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd.’s Orbital Riveting Machine is known for accuracy, reliability, performance and efficiency allowing businesses to be efficient, quicker and profitable in their area. This machine is a specialized production machinery designed for efficient and precise joining of materials using the orbital riveting process. The machine uses a rotating tool to apply force to the material, creating a strong, permanent joint. Orbital Riveting Machine’s robust design and durability ensure that it will last for years, even in challenging production environments.

Orbital Automation Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Orbital Riveting Machines in the UK. Orbital Automation Ltd is an Orbital Group company which has 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying special purpose machines. Our innovative Orbital Riveting Machines are optimized and developed for a varied range of diverse applications in many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Toy and Game Manufacturing, Electronics, and many more. We provide turnkey solutions to our clientele including CAD/CAM software, installation, and training – all supported up by our unmatched service and support.

Orbital Riveting Machine offered by Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Riveting Machine

  • The Riveting unit is provided with a drive motor.
  • Rigid & robust construction of the machine withstands heavy abuse.
  • Offered with vertical adjustment & clamping
  • Accurate stroke control with minimum count of 40 microns.
  • Dual hand push button / Foot switch actuation.
  • Hydraulic power pack for hydraulic systems and regulator, filter & lubrication unit for pneumatic systems.
  • Machine controller contains riveting time control, part counter, LCD screen, password protection and alarms for precautionary maintenance.
  • Can be Customized for Multiple Riveting – Multi-Spindle / Multi-Point.

Orbital Riveting Machine Working Video

Why Choose Us - Orbital Automation Ltd

Orbital Automation Ltd is an innovative engineering company at the forefront of Orbital Riveting Machine designing and manufacturing technology. As a company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to every client we serve. 

We have a reputation for quality and reliability as our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest solutions from technological advancement.

  • Customized Machine for Your Needs
  • Built with World-Class Components
  • In-house Service Engineers
  • Perfect Machine & Software Integration
  • Exceptional Customer & Technical Service

We offer our clients with single-source turnkey solutions in orbital riveting applications. Our competitive edge lies in understanding the riveting process combined with cutting-edge design capabilities and metal-cutting know-how. We are closely linked with world-renowned tooling brands, have access to global application databases, and the capability to design customized machines with automation.

Orbital riveting is a cold forming procedure by means of a peen tool held at a fixed angle to make a sweeping line of pressure around a rivet. In the Orbital riveting process the tool being inclined with respect to the rivet axis decreases the area of contact between the rivet shank and the punch. Thus decreasing the force significantly to 20 percent of the force of conventional processes like pressing and staking.

The features of Orbital Riveting Machine:

    • Precision Riveting: Orbital Riveting Machines provide precise and repeatable riveting, ensuring consistent and accurate fastening results.
    • High-Speed Operation: Orbital Riveting Machines are designed for high-speed operation, allowing for fast and efficient production of large numbers of riveted parts.
    • Customizable Riveting Programs: Orbital Riveting Machines can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of each application, with options for multiple riveting cycles, pressure settings, and tool positioning.
    • Robust and Durable Design: Orbital Riveting Machines are built to withstand demanding production environments, with durable construction and advanced control systems that ensure reliable performance over the life of the machine.
    • Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance, with quick-release tooling and accessible components that reduce downtime and increase production uptime.
    • Improved Safety: Orbital Riveting Machines are designed with safety in mind, featuring interlocks, emergency stop buttons, and other safety features to ensure safe operation for operators and equipment.
  • Energy Efficiency: Features advanced power management systems that improve energy efficiency, helping businesses to reduce operating costs and increase sustainability.


Speed and Efficiency: Orbital riveting machines are much faster than manual methods, making them ideal for high-volume production. They can perform multiple rivets in a single cycle, saving time and increasing production efficiency.

Consistent Quality: Orbital riveting machines are designed to produce consistent, high-quality rivets every time. This helps to ensure the structural integrity of the final product and reduces the risk of defects.

Reduced Labour Costs: The use of an orbital riveting machine reduces the need for manual labour, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Increased Flexibility: Orbital riveting machines can be programmed to perform a variety of different types of rivets, making them ideal for use in a range of applications.

Improved Safety: Orbital riveting machines are designed to be safer than manual methods. They eliminate the need for workers to handle hot rivets, reducing the risk of burn injuries.

  • Rollers
  • Fans
  • Toys
  • Castors
  • Bakelite-metal assembly
  • Bicycle parts
  • Chain assembly
  • Clutch /brake liners
  • Electronics/Electrical parts
  • Automobile / Auto electrical




Appliance Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

Toy and Game Manufacturing

Orbital Riveting Machine with Orbital Automation Ltd

Here at Orbital Automation Ltd, we are passionate about our company and the service we provide to our clients.
Therefore, we have invested heavily in the latest advances in Orbital Riveting Machine technology and have an experienced team of highly qualified engineers.
We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best machineries and will always offer the best in customer service.

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